SAP Success Factors

Software solutions company SAP required a 360° video for an event to highlight the challenges of the digital world, and to showcase some of the exciting opportunities available through SAP.

Atticus in partnership with AGD built an immersive application on the Samsung Gear VR to be used as a promotional tool at digital events where the customer is transported to a virtual world and guided through a digital maze highlighting how complicated and challenging the digital world has become, but also identifying opportunities that the client SAP can help the customer achieve.


One of the challenges that Atticus had to overcome was to try and convey the key messages within a virtual environment. Due to the constraints of the hardware at the time of development, we had to deal heavily with optimizing assets to fit on mobile devices whilst using 3D assets in a 360 degree environment, whilst retaining the best quality possible.  Another problem with early devices was motion sickness and this had to be factored in at the design stage.



For the optimisation of the assets we experimented in optimizing techniques to reduce textures and images whilst retaining the best quality that the hardware would output. To enhance the user experience and reduce motion sickness, we reduced the speed of movement in the maze. We also trialled various different widths, lengths and heights of corridors before settling on the optimum specification. Finally we adjusted the camera/user height for maximum comfort. We achieved all this whilst retaining the key message from the client that need to be conveyed to the client.

Success Metrics

The main aim of the project was to increase customer awareness in to how complicated and challenge today digital world has become and how SAP can help the customer simplify and make the journey enjoyable. Through marketing at key events the sales teams reported at 25% increase in lead for SAP digital products and services.

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