Ravens Wand Augmented Reality (AR) App

Boddington & Royall Ltd partnered with Atticus Digital to produce the first AR Quest for a fantasy book. The aim of the app was to bring to life the already successful best selling Raven's Wand book from the trilogy of books Dark Raven Chronicles. Created and illustrated by Steve Hutton, by re-releasing the novel with four colour cards that allow readers to step inside the story, through augmented reality. It’s the first experience of its kind on the fantasy market, as the lines between fact and fiction blur.


The main challenge was bringing the book Raven's Wand to life using 3D animation on a mobile platform, making them perform and look aesthetically pleasing. Another point we had to consider was providing the user with a quest based system in the application. This would allow the user to journey through the application and book with the ultimate goal to capture their own personalised Thunder-Sprite at the end of the experience.

For this project we decided to use an image based AR approach using Vuforia. This was due to the application requiring interactions with the Raven Wand's novel and Raven Wand's almanac. For this we tested different lighting conditions and markers within printed and digital media formats.


After deciding  on our approach of a marker based solution the next step was to identify key areas within the book that users, new and old could identify with. From here we then identified key characters and locations that would work well as AR images, and lend themselves to the story and quests within.

Our developers and animators were able to bring to life key character such as Thunder-Sprites, Silver-Fist and the Chromosite, and key events such as the interrogation process to try and find the location of the sleeping Dragons Hertha and Halla.

Working very closely with the client we built and provide an easy to use and accessible user interface to navigate throughout the book and application whilst using the 3D animations, interactive quests and social sharing features.


The application allows fans of the book to add another element bringing the characters and places to life using Augmented Reality (AR). With further quests, features and books to be added in the near future.

Ravens's Wand is available to download from both iOS and Google play stores.

You can also find more information on the Dark Raven chronicles at www.darkravenchronicles.com

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