EDF Energy Dungeness AR

EDF Energy asked us to create an AR application for their Condensate System.  Prior to this, EDF was training staff with instructor led powerpoint sessions to teach the 13 plant items within the Condensate System. The Condensate System was one of ten systems that took over 18 weeks to train.

With the use of AR, users are able to improve their learning experience and retention of information. The introduction of AR allows users to be move involved in the learner experience.


The main challenge was deciding how best to use AR for the Condensate System. Once we looked into it, it became clear that we would not be able to use the system itself to trigger the AR animations. We therefore had to come up with another solution.



Instead of trying to use the actual system itself to trigger the AR, we decided to base this off of a map. Users are handed a map which allows them to select specific areas with their tablet that triggers the AR. By interacting with the system this way, users are able to examine and separate components of the Condensate System. The AR triggered brings up a 3D animation as well as additional information.


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