Cannington Court AR History App

EDF asked Atticus to build an interactive learning experience for Cannington Court, their learning & development campus. EDF wanted to let their students and guests learn about the exciting and long history of Cannington Court going back to the 9th century.


Traditional markers such as QR Codes could not be used at this location as this is a Grade 1 listed building. The main challenge was to trigger the content using the features of the building itself. Another of the challenges we faced was getting the markerless hotspots for the AR app to work under different weather conditions. Due to most of the hotspots being outside, the lighting, weather, wind, and time of day all played a part in the phone’s camera being able to register the locations to trigger the AR animation.


We decided to use markerless AR and the application was built to recognise the key locations from the shape and texture of the specific features. We also provided the AR animation as a secondary feature. This way, if conditions are not optimal for the AR to be triggered, users are still able to get the animation and historical information. By creating an informative app, users can explore Cannington Court and its many historical interests. The app allows users on location to physically walk around Cannington Court, using hotspots to get historical information and AR (augmented reality) animation. A ‘learn more’ button for each location takes the user to a webpage with a larger description of the historical significance of each spot.

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