York University, 360° Video Tour

Atticus Digital won the tender to produce a 360° video tour for York St John University.

The marketing department challenged us to create a virtual reality experience that would transport 'would-be' future students and place them at the centre of the campus and city centre. 

The concept was to transcend geographic constraints and allow potential domestic and over seas students to visit the university; to experience it almost first hand. We filmed 12 scenes, showcasing both the impressive facilities and locations around the historic walled city. 2 scenes involved attaching our 360° camera rig to a drone, to allow the user to virtually fly over parts of the campus, enjoying views of the city in the background. 

Following the build and launch of the app, our team monitored user data, as batches of headsets were distributed to targeted regions. The analysis of this data enabled the marketing team to quantify and measure how successful the campaign had performed in specific regions. In doing so it will inform their strategy for the following year.

“The 360 VR project has been very successful at bringing our campus alive for prospective students”

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