Visit Wales - Zip World 360°

Zipwire adventure company, Zip World, required a promotional video for Visit Wales. Atticus created a 360° video allowing the user to experience three exciting adventures in North Wales - Zip World Velocity, Zip World Fforest Plummet and Zip World Caverns. Velocity demonstrates Europe's longest and the world’s fastest zip line, Fforest Plummet is a 10 foot plummet from a tree and Caverns show the largest underground zipline and adventure course.


Atticus had to build a custom go-pro rig to support the 360° camera that was attached to the camera. The video stitching was more complicated due to the fast motion of the camera.


When filming, a member of our team volunteered to wear the helmet and capture their experience for the zip line. The go-pro rig on the helmet created a first person capture of the experience. Once filmed, our team stitched the 360° images together working to ensure an accurate representation in the 360° video to compensate for the fast motion of the camera.

The videos can be downloaded on an app for iOS and Android which support Google Cardboard and Gear VR.


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