EDF Energy - Cannington Court VR 360° Tour

EDF Energy required a virtual tour of their Cannington Court Campus to be created in 360°. They wanted a tour that could be easily accessible for mobile use as well as desktop.  Click here to try it.


We used 360° Camera rigs attached to Drones, ROVs (remote operated vehicle) and Tripods to ensure smooth footage over the uneven ground, as well great overhead footage of the facility. For the footage of the building interior, our creative team worked in post production using multiple stitching to patch and fix issues due to the small spaces and the close up of various objects.


Atticus created an app for viewing the tour. A floorplan allows users to select the different rooms and areas of the building to view. This is achieved through a mixture of 360° video and stills, giving the user a sense of presence which allows them to navigate the building with ease. In addition to being available for iOS and Android, we also built the application for web browser.

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