Dwr Cymru Welsh Water - One Last Breath 360°

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water was looking to create a 360° video to convey the dangers of swimming in reservoirs. Atticus worked alongside Ernest to create a harrowing immersive 360° experience that would give the viewer a sense of the harsh reality and dangers of swimming in reservoirs, and would hopefully cause people to think twice before going swimming near reservoirs.

One Last Breath 360


The video consisted of two parts, a scene filmed at the reservoir and a scene filmed under water. Due to the time of day, all of our equipment was creating shadows on the actors when filming at the reservoir. The tank that was used for the underwater scene was very small and was restrictive for filming in 360°.

The Making of One Last Breath

You may think you’re a good swimmer, but the freezing temperatures, deadly currents and hidden machinery of a reservoir will drag you under.


When filming the 360° footage at the reservoir our team had to ensure their shadows were not in the scene when filming. In the end our team had to digitally edit out the shadows cast by the camera stands.  We had to overcome the obstacle of shooting the underwater scene in a small space when the actors were in the water tank.


In the end, with the help of Ernest, we created an educational 360° video that presented the risks of swimming in the reservoir. The immersive nature of a 360° video enabled an accurate portrayal of these dangers and created a first person experience of drowning, giving the audience a glimpse of the horrors.

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