Nuaire VR and 360° app

Atticus created an app for Nuaire’s new BPS air handling unit for VR and 360° video. The application takes users on a tour of their factory to explore the BPS unit in 4K HD high resolution video.

The app is built for iOS and can be used with google cardboard to view in VR. In VR and 360° the user is able to get up close and learn more about the BPS unit range with a voiceover track explaining the unit. The app can also be viewed on YouTube from your iphone.


Nuaire wanted over 30 audio tracks that would allow users to customise each experience to a their specific sales representative. Due to the large amount of audio tracks we had to ensure each track was tested in VR and 360°. Each audio track needed to be selected by an access code from outside of the application itself, which is not permitted in iOS builds


As accessing access codes from outside the application was not allowed we built a directory within the app. The directory allowed users to either enter a code, or go to the directory and individually choose their sales representative. This ensured the correct audio track would be selected without relying on information outside of the app.


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