VR Wedding

Atticus was approached by Martin Shervington, a marketing strategist, to be involved in turning his and his fiance's dreams into (virtual) reality. Martin Shervington and Elisa Evans got engaged in December and when friends jokingly suggested they have their wedding in VR, the couple were taken with the idea.

While working in California, Martin was introduced to virtual reality and has been obsessed ever since. It is clear that Elisa now shares this passion, as the two embark to be the first couple to tie the knot in a VR.


On the big day, the couple was surrounded by 30 close friends and family at Sunflower & I in Cardiff Bay. Martin and Elisa were wearing oculus rift headsets for the ceremony, provided by Atticus Digital. 150 attendees watched Martin and Elisa say ‘I do’ in virtual reality.

The couple were virtually in a space created specially for the big day by AltspaceVR, a VR app company based in Silicon Valley in California. AltspaceVR is a social platform where people in VR can meet from around the world to attend virtual events. The ceremony itself, vows included, took place in VR where friends and family from all over the world watched wearing headsets or viewing online.

The couple were filmed in 360° by Orchard360 on location at Sunflower & I.

Atticus is building a custom app that allows the 360° footage to play in AltspaceVR. Our developers are always up for a challenge and worked hard to create this application that integrates AltspaceVR with 360° video.

Atticus is always up for any challenge and we pride ourselves in being able to build apps to suit your needs.

Congratulations to the happy couple from the Atticus Team!


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