About Us

Atticus Digital is a full service creative agency that specialise in VR experiences, 360° video production, 3D animation, & web and app development.

As a creative agency we are pioneers in virtual reality, developing VR experiences since Oculus DK1 - over 5 years ago!  So trust us, we are the experts.
We’ve won a few awards along the way. Including a BAFTA … and even a Crazy Golf champion award!!


Our approach - complex made simple

We work across a wide range of sectors from energy to bio-tech and technology. No matter how complex your proposal, we distill it down to a core message so that it is easily understood by your audience - complex made simple.

Creative - simple doesn't mean boring!

Our creative teams go the extra mile to produce something innovating, engaging, and special for you to deliver to your audience.

Technical - clear headed forward thinking

Our forward thinking technical team are always keeping an eye on the latest technology and developments to ensure we deliver ahead of the game.


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