MMI Engineering wanted to take a web app that they had built and turn it into a fully immersive VR experience. The QUARTS system (Quantitative Real-time Hazard Simulator) would need to be adapted to run on Oculus Rift.

The real-time training simulation would allow the user to train on an oil and gas platform where they would train for emergency awareness while exposed to major hazards, such as a fire, where accidents and injury would affect their safety.


Atticus had to convert a standard web application in Unity into a fully compatible virtual reality experience that would run on Oculus Rift. At the time Atticus was working with Oculus DK1 (a pre-production model given to developers), and as an early version of Oculus our team had overcome obstacles of working with this new technology.


By converting the application into a VR experience for Oculus Rift DK1 the training simulation was incredibly realistic and very memorable. By adapting the Oculus to be compatible with an Xbox controller, the user is easily able to navigate the working environment and raise the alarm when a fire breaks out. The user is then prompted to follow the correct evacuation procedures.


The QUARTS system has been updated and is now been updated to be fully compatible with the latest version of Oculus VR and is used with touch controllers. Additionally, it can be deployed on PC, Mac, Web, iOS, and Android.

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