EDF Energy VR Sustainability

This virtual reality sustainability project was produced for EDF Energy, who wanted their staff to "learn by doing" instead of sitting through 5 hour lectures. Atticus was commissioned to make complex simple and devised a 10 minute fully immersive learning experience, for Oculus Rift, that is truly engaging and memorable. 

To help employees understand how sustainability can save money and make for a better workplace, focussing on waste management, recycling, resource scarcity and more carbon efficient ways of commuting to work.


Atticus adopted virtual reality in its infancy with the Oculus First Development Kit (DK1). As this was the first inception of the Oculus headset we had many challenges and problems to solve. Our team had to learn the new technology and figure out the best way to engage an audience with this new platform. As early adopters in the VR world, Atticus was able to master the technology and become the experts we are today. Since this project, we have had many years of experience developing virtual reality projects and apps for high end clients. Our progress can be seen when comparing this early project for EDF Energy with DK1 to the high end experiences we have developed today with the Oculus Rift Consumer versions, HTC Vive, Gear VR and even Microsoft Hololens. Take a look at our more recent projects to see just how far we've come!


Employee learning and development can often be a tedious process delivered in ways that fail to engage the audience. An Oculus Rift experience is not only engaging but results from this experience led to a 90% knowledge retention!


Oculus Rift DK1

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