EDF Energy Health & Safety

EDF Energy was looking to improve their Risk Perception training for employees. They wanted to find a solution for training employees to deal with serious health and safety risks without putting them in danger in the process.

Atticus’ solution was to build a VR version of an EDF Energy power station where employees could put their health and safety training into action without the risk of harm. Employees would navigate a 360° computer generated simulation of the power station with hazards that employees would identify and address by following correct safety procedures.


To create an environment that was an accurate representation of an EDF Energy facility, and to ensure that the experience followed legal safety codes and procedures for dealing with the various hazards. We had to ensure that not only was the gameplay comprehensive, it allowed users to accurately respond to health and safety procedures.


To create an accurate environment Atticus mapped an EDF Energy facility using 360° images that we then converted into a precise 3D rendered environment. Atticus had to examine the extensive health and safety procedures for EDF Energy and accurately condense the data to ensure that the training experience met all of the legal safety requirements. By doing this, we created a health and safety experience that was custom to specific employee roles and their duties. Atticus programmed an algorithm to collect the output from the VR experience capturing the data for analysis and export. This gave EDF Energy accurate information about employee training to identify areas for further training.