Shopping Centre AR

The Brief

To create a new Augmented Reality experience to attract customers to shopping centres and engage with key brands over the festive period. 

The Challenge

To create concepts that would work with some of the latest AR hardware and smartphones. Atticus had to research current hardware and software that would be available for Christmas 2017 to enable this state of the art approach to user interaction. Would the software technology be widely available and would customers adopt the latest devices in time?

The Concept

To produce an augmented reality Snowball Fight in store and allow customers to virtually fire snowballs at passersby. Scoring points for those on target. When customers produced their high scores in certain stores, they could claim a discount. Users would be encouraged to share screen grabs and scores on social media.

The Outcome

It was decided that SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology would be ideal for this application. However, this is still in its infancy and although Apple ARKit and Google ARCore have beta versions that run on certain devices, this would not cover enough of the user base to fully engage with customers. This will be reassessed for Christmas 2018.

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