A British healthcare company wanted an AR experience for molecular diagnostics to be used at trade shows, events and corporate presentations.


The AR experience needed to convey the history of the company as a leading global business, focusing on their expertise in molecular diagnostics and their vision for the future. The main challenge was to figure out how to summarize the five molecular diagnostics arrays in a concise yet informative way that would give the user full understanding of the product. From here we then had to come up with an innovative way to use AR to create a unique user experience.


Atticus Digital created an informational app where users could learn about the company through a short 30 sec animation video. At the end of the video, users are asked to use their mobile phones to explore the Biochip Array Technology. With a print out of the array they use their mobile phone to select different areas, which trigger five molecular diagnostics arrays. When each array is triggered an infographic appears with text overlays that explain how it works, and the benefits it brings to laboratories and patients.

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