United Arab Emirates (UAE) App

This virtual reality app is an interactive experience which enables you explore the rich history of the seven United Arab Emirates. Using new immersive technology, making it far more engaging and also appealing to a younger demographic, the app makes use of a variety of media to tell its story, including interactive 360° video and 3D animation, 2D video and animation.

By following instructions provided by a voice-over the user selects each emirate, one by one, and is transported into a virtual 360° scene, which they explore in order to find hidden interactive elements that reveal more fascinating facts and stories about the region's history.

The user is transported to the centre of an immersive environment and has to physically rotate 360° to discover the interactive elements. You may find yourself in an ancient ceremonial building, amongst  archaeological relics in a forest or transported to a settlement dating back thousands of years.

This is the next generation of storytelling and audience engagement, resulting in far greater knowledge retention. 

2017 Atticus Digital