Royal Mint AR Dinosauria Collection

The team at Atticus Digital have been commissioned by The Royal Mint to develop an Augmented Reality application that can be used side by side with the packaging from the Dinosauria coin collection. This was developed to provide additional information, interactivity and bring the coin collection to life based on the artist Robert Nicholls' impression from the Natural History Museum. Part of the initial launch is in recognising the British discovery of dinosaurs and discover more than 1,100 years of history in your hands, as you unlock the hidden secrets of The Royal Mint Dinosaur coin collection. 


The main challenge was bringing the Dinosaur to life using Augmented Reality and making the application fun and informative. We worked with Robert Nicholls designs to represent the dinosaur in 3D space.

Another challenge we encountered was in getting the application to track correctly under different lighting conditions and using different environmental conditions. We looked into various methods to display the AR in the application but in the end opted to use AR core and AR kit to support both iOS and Android devices. 


After deciding  on our approach of a marker based solution we optimised the market share and developed an experience that would work on all major phones models and platforms. We selected key area of the packaging created by the Royal Mint to bring the dinosaur coin collection.

Our inhouse software developers created an interactive and stable application whilst working closely with our inhouse 3D animators who provided the 3D assets, UI/UX designs and 2D animated information videos.  We developed help screens and navigation to download the markers, and created the assets so that they were accessible to users who did not have the packaging. This is to enhance the UX especially for users who are new to augmented reality. Our team optimized the assets such as video file size in order to limit the overall application file size


The application enhances the experience for collectors of the Royal Mints coin collections. Adding extra value to the user experience and inform the user about the dinosaur and some of the people who have found the remains to help us understand how they lived in the past. We hope to develop a template of the application that can be easily applied to future coin ranges over the coming year and expand the range. Once the application has been in circulation we hope to add some KPI's to back up the project viability.

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