Michelin Augmented Reality (AR) App

Atticus Digital developed an application for Michelin using AR technologies.The idea was to detail the main points of the Michelin/Kwik Fit customer journey. These included brand awareness, online research, conversions, aftermarket seamless support, wholesale B2B & future mobility.

To achieve this we created a 3D environment, which consisted of urban areas, trees, mountains and roads. We then placed the Michelin brand across these areas. For the user journey we used a non-branded car to travel between points on the customer journey. 

For deployment we identified the hardware platform and used the Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet. Due to the controlled environment we decided to side-load the application onto the Android platform for presentation to Michelin and Kwik Fit’s senior management team.


One of the challenges we encountered was creating a 3D environment and car model that would play on a relatively low power device, and still look smooth, crisp and clear. The app had limited functionality so it was all about the visual representation and the AR technology used.

Due to the controlled deployment platform we had to find a solution that could deploy reliably outside of the standard iOS and Google play store platforms, and allow management to download the application after the presentation. We had to achieve all of this whilst managing to work within a limited budget and a tight deadline.


After deciding on our approach of a marker based AR solution and choosing the right hardware, the team tested a Michelin branded QR code. Our developers were able to trigger the application from a pre-printed brochure under various surface and lighting conditions. We wrapped this up in a branded user-interface that was easy for end users and the presentation team.


The application was used effectively by the presentation teams to convey key messages to the management team for the customer journey around brand awareness, online research, conversions, aftermarket seamless support, wholesale B2B & future mobility.

Success Metrics:

It has proved a great success to our client, It highlighted new technologies to the end client in a fun and informative presentation. Our client secured future development and funding with the help of the interactive AR experience developed.

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