Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence: The Smart Factory

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence commissioned Atticus Digital to create a new explainer video using a mixture of animated and live action footage. The main aim of the explainer video was to highlight how Hexagon is a global leader in digital solutions that create Autonomous Connected Ecosystems (ACE). Where data is connected seamlessly,  and converging the physical and digital worlds. This improves quality, and increase productivity in smart manufacturing.


One of the challenges was making the video interesting, whilst explaining complex messaging and processes involved around smart factory manufacturing. Another challenge was how we visually represented Autonomous Connected Ecosystems (ACE), and the connections between the digital and physical in smart manufacturing.


The solution to was to use existing footage supplied by the client and CAD models. From here our aim was to create an visual, engaging and factual two minute video based around our script that we developed with the client using animated 3D models, video footage and Hi-Res imagery. For the production we used Adobe After Effects, Lightwave and Octane Renderer to achieve high quality realistic 3D models.


The video was used to promote and educate internal stakeholders, staff, consumers and clients on how smart factories can benefit from Hexagon’s Smart Digital Realities™ that improve productivity and quality in manufacturing. The client has used the video through various marketing platforms such as YouTube, the web and social media platforms. they have already had increased, sales and consumer engagement.

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