Samsung Team GB Parade

Atticus was happy to be there to capture the welcome home with a behind the scenes 360° film for Team GB on their return from the Rio Olympics. Over 200,000 people lined the streets of Manchester to celebrate the homecoming of over 350 Team GB athletes. Our athletes came home with a combined total of 214 medals from the Rio Olympics.


Our team had a short time to compile the film and were working with 360° footage that was taken by the athletes themselves. It was raining during the parade, and some of the footage was blurred due to rain on the camera lens.


Our team worked around the clock in post production to compile the final footage for the 360° video using multiple stitches to ensure the best quality footage of the athletes.


The 360° film begins with Helen Glover and Becky James preparing for the day in their hotel rooms. The athletes had full control of the 360° camera as they We follow they walked through the hotel and meet with the other athletes. The athletes gather together and get a briefing on the parade before setting out. The 360 footage included interactions between the athletes and the crowd, and a behind the scenes look during the reception where athletes spoke about their experience and showed off their medals.

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