Neilson Mountain Biking Experience

London agency MBA commissioned Atticus Digital to produce this 360° Oculus Rift virtual mountain biking experience for Neilson Active Holidays so customers can 'Have a go, before you go'.


Our challenge was to create an experience that felt realistic to Neilson customers to get them to sign up for a holiday. We had to figure out the best way to capture mountain biking from a first person perspective and edit the footage to ensure a smooth experience.


We used a custom go-pro rig to support the 360° camera that was attached to a helmet to catch the biking in action. Our team had the task of stitching the 360° clips together to create a realistic user experience.


The full motion video gives the user an extremely exhilarating simulation of mountain biking at one of their resorts, feeling the wind in their face and the motion of the downhill country track. Atticus filmed the 360° videos on location in Andorra with our very own creative director Ben Walsh was the talented mountain biker carrying the 360° camera rig on his head. The experience was also delivered online and via iOS and Android apps which enable the user to look around by physically moving their devices around.

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