BBC Cardiff Half Marathon 360°

Atticus was asked to film Lloyds Bank Cardiff Half Marathon for BBC Wales as a 360° interactive video. Always looking to push the boundaries of innovation, the experience allowed runners to enter their finish time on the BBC Taster website, watch themselves running towards the camera and turn around to see themselves crossing the finish line.


One of the challenges was positioning the camera to capture the runners and keep out of the way. We needed the camera close enough to capture the action, but far enough away that it wasn’t a hazard to the runners. Our creative team would also need to ensure that the motion of the runners wouldn’t appeared blurred on the footage.



We set up the 360° camera on a crane suspended in front of the finish line to best capture the action of the runners crossing the line.

In post production our creative team had to spend extra time stitching the footage to ensure the runners did not appear blurred when moving across the finish line. What this required was a smooth transition of parallax between the different cameras. As the individual cameras capture different angles, the stitching needs to match up cleanly to create a smooth transition between the footage.

The footage of the Half Marathon was put on the BBC taster website where you could type in a time and watch the runners cross the finish line.


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