EDF Energy VR Health & Safety

13th Dec 2016

How can you effectively train employees to deal with serious safety risks without putting them at risk in the process?

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Hydrocarbon Hunt: Gamifying Petrochemical Awareness

18th Nov 2016

Atticus has been busy completing a fun virtual reality game for Shell to be used with Google Cardboard. The VR experience was gamified to engage American students aged 14 to 17 to explore a home and identify everyday items that are made with petrochemicals.

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Live 360˚ Press Conference at Rio 2016

23rd Sep 2016

While athletes were winning medals and breaking world records, Atticus Digital was busy delivering the world’s first live 360° press conferences with Team GB Olympic athletes.

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One Last Breath 360 Video for Welsh Water

26th Aug 2016

Welsh Water were determined to highlight the severe dangers that lay beneath the surface of our reservoirs. The freezing cold waters conceal life threatening currents and dangerous hidden machinery

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Welsh Rugby 360˚ Video at The Principality Stadium

16th Feb 2016

Atticus Digital was at the home of the Welsh Rugby Union to film 360˚ video for Visit Wales and BBC Wales. Have you ever wondered what it would look like being stood at the end of the tunnel as the players run out? Or what it’s like to be pitch side for the national anthems? Wonder no more!

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IBM Interactive - Virtual Tennis Experience

8th Jul 2015

Atticus was commissioned to upgrade the IBM Interactive Experience which was originally produced for the first Oculus Rift development kit

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