Cannington Court History App for EDF Energy

EDF Energy asked Atticus to build an interactive learning experience for their Learning & Technology team at Campus based in Cannington Court.  EDF Energy is  increasing its use of digital technology and wanted to enable students, guests and visitors to learn about the exciting and long history, of Cannington Court, which dates back to the 9th century, using an app on an iPad

The app has two components.  The first allows the user to use the app while they are physically walking around Cannington Court, getting historical information, animation and Augmented Reality (in certain locations) at various points indicated on a map.  The second allows the users to access the historical information as before, without visiting the physical point on the map. Additional information, using a ‘learn more’ button for each location that provides the user with a larger description of the historical significance of each spot and a 360° view of the area under consideration, is also available.

When users open the app their main screen shows a map of Cannington Court with a series of historical locations marked.  When a location is selected a bar appears at the bottom of the map with an information button that brings up an image and a historical text bar.  A series of buttons on the right hand side allows users to play an audio track with a voiceover giving the historical information and a play button that plays the animation for that location with sound effects.  Some locations have an additional AR button in the top corner.  The AR is location sensitive and users must be standing in front of the location where their camera can identify a ‘hotspot’ (images are provided in the app so people know if they are in the correct location).  Once the camera recognises the hotspot, an augmented reality animation, with sound effects, is overlaid on the real world environment.

Download the app now and discover the exciting and long history of Cannington Court!

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