Atticus Invests in New 360˚ Camera

Atticus Digital has invested in a new Insta360 Pro camera, which is already proving a great success and has reduced our production time considerably. Real-time 360˚ monitoring is a great help to directors, the crew and the client.

The Insta360 Pro is a professional level 360˚ 3D camera that records 8K video resolution with advanced real-time image stabilisation and can live stream in 360 degrees.

360˚ photos and videos are both shot at 8K resolution, which is more than double the resolution of most cheaper 360 cameras. The Insta360 Pro employs a precise optical flow stitching process that minimizes seam lines.

If you need any 360 degree video for VR, Facebook or YouTube look no further and contact us here.

The Insta360 Pro has an extremely impressive set of specifications:

  • Capture 360 videos and stills in 8K and 3D
  • Live stream 4K video with H.264 and H.265 compressions to a variety of 360-supporting platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and the Insta360 server
  • Six 200° fisheye lenses (Selectable)
  • Adjustable shutter speed
  • High-resolution 100 fps slow-motion effect with post-processing
  • Four built-in mics with spatial audio recording
  • Real-time image stabilization
  • 60% bandwidth reduction for smooth, efficient live-streaming.
  • Optical Flow Stitching


This technology has come a long way since we produced the World’s first Live VR Press Conference, at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, for Samsung. Back then none of the social media platforms supported 360˚ live streaming and there were no camera systems that were designed with this in mind.

Find out more about our 360˚ projects here.


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